24 things I still haven't learned in 24 years

I'm 24!!! Absolutely Crazyyyy! So my birthday was on Friday, and I meant for this post to go up then, but its been one jam-packed week - let me tell ya. If you follow me on Snapchat or Insta, you know that my family and I were in FL this past week. Total beach-goers, we were! We went fishing, saw fireworks on a boat, celebrated my birthday in my favorite place (Seaside), went to a baseball game... Seriously the best birthday I've ever had. Since I cant post ALLLL the pictures on my Insta (overload much?) here are some of my favorites from this past week! 

I thought about what I could write for my 24th.. what all have I learned in my 24 times around the sun? Not that I haven't learned a lot, I have! But these are things that I want/need to improve on. I'm not a robot, I'm not perfect. I'm human. I make mistakes, I learn from them, and grow to be a better person because of it. So these are the things that are very personal to me and vital to my growth. Some small, some big; all works in progress. 


  1. How to do taxes - I have to call my parents to help me with turbo tax... TURBO TAX! The easiest software out there *le sigh*
  2. How to effectively pack - It's either overpacking or under packing. No in-between. 
  3. Time management - I think this will forever be my weakness. Cash me binge-watching Netflix/ Hulu/ Amazon prime instead of what I’m supposed to be doing, how bout dat.
  4. Finishing books - most of the books on my shelf are either half read or have the intention of being read at some point. Ask me if I’ve read them in 2 years, the progress will probably still be the same. 
  5. Saving money - money management has never been my strong suit. Save for my future? pfft nah. Sale at Forever 21? I’m there! 
  6. My eyes are always bigger than my stomach - every time. I will always want more food than my stomach can handle. I always tell myself ‘you WILL finish it all’. I hardly ever do ):
  7. Sour sport - whether it's a video game or a race.. anything competitive, I have to win! I’m a sore competitor and an even worse winner. If I’m not going to win, I don't want to play. I’m awful huh..
  8. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be excessive (*expensive) - Every time. never fails. When I go on my healthy eating phases, I spend way too much money on food I won't even eat. This goes along with saving money. 
  9. Doing good doesn’t have to mean going above and beyond - I always forget that doing one good deed a day, no matter how small, can spread positivity. For some reason, I believe the bigger the act, the bigger the impact. It's something I need to remember that any act of kindness has a huge impact. 
  10. Communication - Terrible at answering texts, even worse at communicating my thoughts and feelings. I like to believe that I wear my heart on my sleeve and I try to be pretty transparent with my emotions. However, when my feelings get hurt, I tend to shy away from having those tough conversations to resolve it. Those are never fun but I know they need to be communicated. 
  11. Consistency is key - if I want to get better at something, I have to put in the hours, no? The best example I can think of is working out. I’ll be really good for about a month, workout several times a week, eat healthy, etc. And then along comes junk food and messes up all my progress. Say it with me - C O N S I S T E N C Y. Which is why I’ll try to be posting on this blog consistently. 
  12. No one cares how silly I look - because they’re too busy trying not to look silly themselves. I’m always so self-conscious about what I do or say, for fear that someone will think I look ridiculous. But in all reality, is anyone even looking? No.
  13. How to change a flat tire - I blame Dad for this one. Yet again, I don't think I can even lift a tire! Much less change one. 
  14. If you’re early, you’re on time… - Always always always late. This goes along with time management. I think I have more time than I do. Next thing you know, I’m 30 min late to something. Oops!
  15. Procrastination - God, this one is bad. I will leave everything to the last minute. EVERYTHING! And as procrastination does, it always bites me in the butt. Do I learn? Nope. Are you catching the pattern here… I’m terrible with my time. 
  16. Comparison - Comparison is the thief of joy. Roosevelt said that. I fall for it every time. I compare myself to others constantly. Whether it be in class, or out with friends… Teddy was right. Comparing only makes me feel worse about myself. This is something that I’ve been working on big time!
  17. How to effectively speak Spanish - Truth. I get so nervous when I speak Spanish. I can speak it to save my life, but if I want to tell you about my day, be prepared to hear a lot of “uhh”s. Also another thing I’m strongly working on. 
  18. Planner - So, I’ll buy a planner at the beginning of a school year; like a nice planner! I’ll be dedicated to it for about a couple weeks, and then it’ll go untouched for the remainder of the year. I’m sure Law school will change that real quick!
  19. Patience - I’m the absolute worst at this! I can't tell you how many times I’ve prayed for patience, in any given situation. I’m starting to learn that the more patience I have, the more appreciation I gain for whatever I was waiting for. 
  20. Forgiveness - When it comes to forgiveness, don't expect it anytime soon. This is truly awful of me, I know. I can't seem to let things go as easily as I’d want to. When I’m very hurt by someones actions or words, forgiveness is hard to give. But even more when it's forgiving myself when I’ve done something bad. Thats the hardest to learn. 
  21. There's a world outside my phone - Glued. To. My. Phone. My phone is right by me as I type this post. I have to actively remind myself to be present, live in the moment and put my phone down. Not everything needs to be photographed and recorded. But try telling that to the photographer side of me though. 
  22. I can do anything I want but not everything - I have a list in my phone of everything I want to accomplish in my life. Sort of a bucket-list, but not really. These are goals I want to accomplish versus places or experiences I want to have. Goals that require time and effort, time and effort that I may not really have to give in my future. Nonetheless, they are there, on my list! 
  23. How to say no - This one is baaaad! I fall for guilt trips all the time. Also, I have a bad case of FOMO (fear of missing out) so I can't be left out. Whatever it is, I’ll be there. guilt trip or not. Even if I don't want to go, I'd hate to miss out!
  24. Not to sweat the small things - Overanalyzing every situation is my strong suit. Albeit, not the most healthy. Learning to relax and trust that the Lord has got me is still something I struggle with, hence the overanalyzing. It’s definitely a top priority for me. Small or big things, I know God has brought me to it so He will bring me through it. 

23 was amazing to me, but here's to 24! Here's to getting out of my comfort zone and to growth; to good health and well-being. Here's to a beautiful evolution. I'm ready for you 24!