My name is Mellisa (:

Have you ever felt that anxiety of being called on in a huge lecture hall, or asked to introduce yourself and a little about you for a whole audience..?

yeah, well I have that anxiety with my ‘About Me’ section here.

so we’re going to make this as informal and casual as possible.

K? K.

Photo Sep 12, 5 10 42 PM (1).jpg

As mentioned above, I’m Mellisa, but family and friends call me Melli, Mells, Mel, Mellis.. take your pick!

I’m a 26 y.o. Texan, born & raised.

what has always remained a constant in my life is my love for photography, and the passion I have when connecting with people; capturing moments for them that will never fade away.

If you love adventure, Taylor Swift dance parties, creating meaningful moments, and aren’t afraid of getting a little messy in the process, then we’re a match made in heaven.

So lets do the damn thing!